2009 Battle of the Breeds - Saturday

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Celtic Fyre and Ailsa Antilla go through the "Wall of Trust"

Saturday once again dawned clear and sunny, though the early morning was frosty, things began heating up with the sunshine.The final competition of the Battle of the Breeds, Trail Riding, started at 8:30 sharp. Over the past two years the trail course has seen a bit of a shake-up in regards to the obstacles and this year was no exception. In addition to the traditional giant Telus ball (which the horse must push between two standards), the "wall of trust", the flag carry, the water bridge, and the CN bell, some of the new obstacles included last year's bonus obstacle (broom polo), a large bridge or ramp that shifted over a pole in the middle of it, a set of raised "Z" poles with colored stall mats underneath them, and a new bonus obstacle - five plastic rings that had to be scooped off their stand with a small "sword" and deposited on a barrel a few meters away.

Though the bonus obstacle looked easy, it was surprisingly difficult if the horse wasn't being cooperative. Several competitors managed to wrestle the rings off their stand only to have the 30 second time limit run out before they reached the barrel. With Team Connemara in 3rd place, a win in Trail could have put them in contention for first, but alas it was not to be.

Trail Riding
1. Team Morgan - 900 points, 324.84 sec
2. Team Quarter Horse - 900 points, 360.38 sec
3. Team American Saddlebred - 730 points, 370.28 sec
4. Team Appaloosa - 630 points, 348.31 sec
5. Team Canandian Warmblood - 560 points, 370.91 sec
6. Team Mule - 530 points, 357.62 sec
7. Team Canadian Pinto - 520 points, 324.19 sec
8. Team Connemara - 510 points, 326.21 sec
9. Team Arabian - 460 points, 344.66 sec
10. Team Canadian Horse - 440 points, 351.84 sec
11. Team Shetland Pony - 370 points, 325.40 sec
12. Team Paint - 220 points, 378.14 sec

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